Teams Triples Racing Rules & Information

Basic Introduction

  • Format is 3 versus 3, 13 lap teams racing events.

  • This series track will be Western Springs.

  • This is a Open Event forFinancial Members of NZSCH.co.nz

  • Series runs every Monday Night starting from 19th November and ending 17th December 2018.

  • New teams may be submitted during the series with 24 hour notice before next event.

  • First past the post will gather the race win for their team and move up the ladder.

  • Teams will consist of no more than three members at all times for this series. 

  • If a member is unable to participate on the night, you may only use a Financial Driver as a fill in.

  • It is the captain's responsibility to ensure their team abides the rules at all times and maintains a stable connection.
Racing Rules

  • All eams racing in this series is to be from a staggered-standing start grid.

  • The AI grid setting will determine which team is sitting on pole, unless stated otherwise before the race.

  • All drivers will take care to make no intentional contact with other cars while gridding up.

  • All drivers must be inline bumper to bumper with the car directly infront and behind them.

  • All drivers will wait for the READY.. signal, from there the race will be started once signaled GO!
  • All drivers are allowed to sit on the brakes to hold the car behind them on the grid once the race has been signaled GO! But once you leave the start straight, your car must be moving at all times during the entire race after you enter Turn 1.

  • All drivers will disengage from the car they have pushed infield once their own car, or the opposing car has placed two or more wheels on the grass.

  • All drivers will rejoin the track from the grass behind the car that forced them infield, you must take all care to not pull out infront of oncoming traffic!

  • All infringements that gain an advantage during the race will effect the team result, time penalities will be added on to the total race result time of their lead finishing car.

  • Depending on the severity of the incident, the particular team member may be removed from the race. Continuing offences following races will result in removal from their current team and replacement can be arranged with Admin & Captain.

  • If a driver has a obvious advantage due to their connection, they will either be removed from the racing immediately or given a time penalty once the situation is reviewed by Admin Team.
  • Car places any part of one or more wheels on to the grass to pass or attack a car, this is deemed as an illegal advantage. 
    +10 second time penality.

  • Block car intentionally comes to a complete stop on the racing line to wait for lead cars. 
    +15 second time penality

  • If a car drives against the flow of traffic to slow or to attack an opposing team member. 
    +30 second time penality.

  • If a driver doesn't pull infield once being hotdogged. 
    Team excluded from race.
Things that will incur penalties judged by Race Admin.

  • If you are pushed to the infield by an opposing car, the attacking car must break contact with you immediately once two of your wheels are on the grass.

  • If you must rejoin the track from the infield, make sure it's behind the car the forced you infield without disrupting the race.

  • If you know you have placed a wheel on the grass to attack or pass another driver, re-address the situation immediately so you do not gain an advantage and possibly lose the win.

  • If you offend multiple times, the time penalties issued to your team will be per offence.
If you have any other questions, please post them up in the forum to discuss ways to have a smoother teams series.
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