Requirements for Stockcar Heat

  • Stockcar Heat will run on Windows from XP through to 10. Although, you may need to replace a file within the Heat for it to run smoothly on Windows 10. There is a separate guide for this within the download section which car be sorted down the track.

  • You must know which system you have, 32bit or 64bit. The difference will be all paths need to be directed to Program Files (x86) for 64bit PC's.

  • You must be registered to the NZSCH Forum, this is so you can download the correct files to play Stockcar Hea

  • Willing to follow instructions and install things in order.

  • Patience! Read from top to bottom this entire page, then proceed to the last step in green, be aware the links will NOT work if you are not registered/signed in to the NZSCH Forum...
Once Downloaded & Online Racing

  • You must be registered to the NZSCH Forum & Introduced Yourself to keep track of what is happening for your racing progress in the future and for the communities’ best interest. The name you are on the forum will be the name you are expected to run in the server, names can be shortened if racing in the server. Example: Keith Frank 4p = Keith4p. 
  • All download's must be installed correctly and you are on a understanding of the Racing Rules & Community Rules. This is expected at all times in. You will respect these rules at all times, this is a standard everyone must follow. Failure to do so will remove you from all affiliated NZSCH events and open server racing with a time seen fit. If you are a financial driver there is no refund for your fees.
  • When you're ready to race online, you will enter the server with your name. While you are racing online, your progress will be watched by the current Financial Drivers in the open server at all times. From there, a current financial driver will nominate you, there will be a vote for you to progress to Newbie Development list. You will be sent a private message on the forum so keep an eye on it. You will be judged on your connection, control of car, attitude. Any negative will be marked against you and slow your progress.
  • Once you have gained enough server time, and the Financial Drivers & Admin Panel have given you the green light regarding your ethic toward the community. You'll be given the option to become a financial member. A yearly $10.00 fee which gives you access to events on offer. 
Connecting to Online Racing

  • We recommend firstly getting up to speed with turning some laps offline before entering the servers.
  • The server will occasionally be locked to the public for events, maintenance or other reasons. 

  • The standard of driving and behaviour will always be kept to a high standard. You will be booted without a warning if you are obviously there for the wrong reasons.

  • No chatting while racing is in progress, the talk function will only be used for starting a race or admin reasons. 

  • We have a server that is usually open to the public 24/7 which has been supplied from Inspire for a number of years, the IP for this server is

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